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Automated Literature Searches (Under Construction - Please don't be insulted if your name isn't here yet)

Although these were created for internal use, feel free to use them.

Authors (Studying P450 or aspects of P450 metabolites)

Author PubMed Scopus Website
Arnold, Frances H.. [PubMed] [Scopus] [Web]
Auchus, Richard J. [PubMed] [Scopus] [Web]
Backes, Wayne L.


[Scopus] [Web]
Coon, Minor J. "Jud". [PubMed] [Scopus]  
Davydov, Dmitri R. [PubMed] [Scopus]  
Estabrook, R.W. [PubMed] [Scopus] [Web]
Falck, J.R. "Camille" [PubMed] [Scopus] [Web]
Haines, Donovan C. [PubMed] [Scopus] [Web]
Halpert, Jim R. [PubMed] [Scopus] [Web]
Hinshelwood, Margaret M. [PubMed] [Scopus]  
Miller, Grover P. [PubMed] [Scopus] [Web]
Scott, Emily E. [PubMed] [Scopus] [Web]
Totah, Rheem A. [PubMed] [Scopus] [Web]
Hinshelwood, Margaret M. [PubMed] [Scopus]  


The following names with PubMed links are waiting to be incorporated into the table above:

Conley, Al J.

Ishimura, Yuzuru ('and p450')

Johnson, Eric F.

Machius, Mischa

Mangelsdorf, David J.

Marcus, Craig B.

Masters, Betty Sue

McCarthy, John L.

Mendelson, Carol M.

Nelson, David R.

Omdahl, Jack L.

Ortiz de Montellano, Paul R.

Peterson, Julian A. "Bill" ('and p450')

Pikuleva, Irina A.

Poulos, Tom L.

Russell, David W.

Shaik, Sasson

Sligar, Steve

Strobel, Henry W.

Tomchick, Diana R.

Usanov, Sergio A. 

Waterman, Michael W. 


Authors (non-P450)

Eipper, Betty A. (Peptide amidating monooxygenase)

Elliot, Jeffery L. (ALS)

Klinman, Judith P. (Monooxygenase chemistry and isotope effects)

Rothstein, Jeffery D. (ALS)

Wimalasena, Kandetege (Dopamine beta-monooxygenase etc.)


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