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Links to Tools on the Web


General Tools and Tool Collections

ExPASy Molecular Biology Server

Amos' WWW Links Page - HUGE list of sites/services

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

The Toolbox at the European Bioinformatics Institute

Protein and DNA Databases and Search Tools 

SRSWWW at ExPASy - Amino acid and DNA sequences "Sequence Retrieval System"

Protein Databank (PDB) - 3D Structures of proteins

NCBI Blast Page - Similarity searching

Protein and DNA Analysis Tools 

ClustalW at EBI - Align mulitple proteins

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Cloning Resources  

DNA from the Beginning http--  

PCR primer selection  


Primer3 Input (primer3_www.cgi v 0.2)  

Primerfinder v0.07 Running in Basic Mode  



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